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Harrison Assessments: Empowering Individuals, Teams and Organisations to Achieve Their Potential

Harrison Assessments is a powerful profiling tool, which has been used by more than 2.5 million people internationally. It measures 175 factors, including behavioural tendencies, interests, expectations and work preferences. It can provide individual, team and organisation wide analytics, and is increasingly being used for work on culture.


We are accredited with Harrison Assessments, and use it for development coaching, including improving performance, helping individuals achieve greater clarity on their career path, and enhancing their wellbeing.


We find the Paradox Mastery report is particularly insightful. Any strength that is not balanced with its complementary, or paradoxical, behaviour can become a potential career derailer. For example, enforcing necessary rules and requirements is a valuable strength if it is balanced with warmth and empathy. However, enforcing becomes harshness if it is not balanced with warmth and empathy, and that will damage relationships and cause employee turnover. Conversely, leaders who are warm and empathic without enforcing necessary rules and requirements will tend to be permissive, not holding others to account appropriately.  The Paradox Mastery report identifies which strengths can become potential career derailers, through not being balanced with other complementary, or paradoxical, strengths.

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At a team and organisation level, we use Harrison Assessments for team building, improving retention and culture change. Team reports can be produced summarising the Paradoxes described above at a team level, helping team members understand each others’ needs better. Team Engagement and Retention Analysis enables you to understand a team’s employment expectations. The prize winning Remote Workforce Analytics are tailored to the current working world, enabling you to measure, understand and coach your employees’ ability to work remotely, and to help leaders adapt their style to remote leadership through managing remote productivity and remote communication. 

How It Works

We take a bespoke approach to ensure we understand your needs and goals, so we start by talking with you. The Harrison Questionnaire takes only 25 minutes for an individual to complete.  We will then provide the individuals with the reports that are best suited to your goals. We always include a one to one debrief on the reports, which takes 1 – 2 hours. Depending on your needs, goals and budget, we can offer ongoing coaching for teams or individuals, to support you in applying your learning, so that you see a greater impact on your results. Packages start at £240 for an individual.

To arrange a free consultation or receive a sample assessment report, please contact us at

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