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Synergy Performance Associates is a UK based group of coaches and training consultants who
originally came together as part of Synergy Global Pty, an international organisational development
company. When Synergy Global Pty was wound down’ on the retirement of the founder’ we decided
we enjoyed each other’s support and creativity so we would work together in the UK. Synergy
Performance Associates (SPA) was formed in 2022 allowing us to continue to work together and
develop effective programmes for organisations. The objective being to help them increase the
performance of their teams and individuals.


The Associates have a combined experience of over one hundred years’ in the private and public
sectors including, international consultancies, SME’s, local government, the civil service, the
National Health Service, universities, and regional and national level. Delivering coaching,
organisational development, training and leadership development. The Associates have developed
multiple training programmes, blended learning material, postgraduate programmes and leadership
at regional and national levels for both public and private sector organisations. 

The Associates bring together vast experience in team performance enhancement, coaching and
development and accredited to use validated tools to support this work. All our programmes are
individually designed to meet the customers’ needs and reach the desired outcomes in a way which
leave the organisation able to sustain the improvements.

Meet the Associates

Inclusion. Expertise. Sustainability

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